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每位食客 US$46

Live piano and dinner party games at a London supper club

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晚餐, 英式和爱尔兰风味


1人至 34人


20:00 (2 小时)





BBQ Asparagus, House Cured Salmon, Jerusalem Artichoke and Salsa Verde


Garlic and Marjoram BBQ Chicken

served on a 'mini bbq' with burning rosemary

Mint, Lemon and Pea Shoot Salad
Burnt Hispi Cabbage Hearts

with Herb Oil

Sweet and Sour Charred Peppers
Fire Grilled New Potatoes

with Smoked Sour Cream, Shallots and Chives



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Niamh十月 2019
Great experience, food was delicious and the prosecco kept flowing. Awesome idea for a brunch with friends!
Bob十月 2019
The meal was delicious, with the roasts, potatoes and vegetables cooked to perfection. The chocolate pudding and salted caramel ice cream was fantastic. However, when I made the initial booking with Eat With, my understanding that it was a communal meal starting at 1pm. It was only when I received my confirmation I realised that it was a restaurant. Still I thought it was going to be communal commencing at 1pm as that was the only option available. I was looking forward to chatting with new people over a meal. We arrived and saw that it wasn’t communal dining although we did share a table with another couple - but they were partway through their meal and enjoying a private conversation. The staff were very friendly and accommodating, but we did not receive our meal until 75 minutes after we had arrived. A member of our party had a train to catch and we had to leave by 3. We thought allowing two hours was more than sufficient. The staff worked hard to ensure we made it but it added a fair amount of stress. Lastly, the venue doesn’t do the food justice. The theme may have worked before but it needs a rethink. Going to the WC and being confronted by hard core pornography on every wall is inappropriate for this day and age. While the food was good, it wasn’t what I was expecting from the Eatwith site.
Cedric八月 2019
Great evening!
Helen七月 2019
This isn't really a supper club, it's a booking at a restaurant do was very surprised to find just me and my friend sitting at a fairly uncomfortable table. However, the food was good. Alot of chicken, pretty mean regarding the beef but lots and lots of potatoes. Nice experience but not a supper club.

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